Air Freight

Time equals money,It’s most common roll in business world, save your business time and money with Air Freight service solutions for cut down long distance into immediate delivery.
With Mham freight you can access several destinations across the globe – with still more to come, using high quality services provided by major commercial airlines and international cargo carriers.
We take care of everything, from import and export, to ensure your package arrives punctually, without worrying of customs clearance at origin and destination airports.
ACS provides Special Solutions for automotive, fashion, healthcare and food. Our Air Freight Service operates throughout Egypt and to all major international destinations.
With fixed or customized weight you able to select the best choice for your business plan.
Import and Export services.
Custom decelerations and adjustment of all clearance formalities.
Door-to-Door / Door-to-Airport / Airport-to-Airport / Airport-to-Door (from-to every location worldwide).
Express or Economy conditions.
Heavy load and hazardous goods.